San Francisco

ACBL Unit 506

Unit Officials
President Dean G Wangsvick
Vice President Elizabeth Noronha
Secretary Elizabeth Noronha
Treasurer Kris Wong
Membership Chair Joanne M Allen
Electronic Contact Dean Wangsvick
Webmaster Sharon Lee
Disciplinary Chair Steven F Smolen
Recorder Elizabeth Noronha
Tournament Coordinator Elizabeth Noronha
Hospitality Chair Marion S Robertson
IN Coordinator Donna H Neff
Education Liaison Richard A Bellerose
NAOP Coordinator Steven F Smolen
STaC Coordinator Steven F Smolen
Board of Directors  
Joanne M Allen  
Gail D Gabiati  
Martin S Kaye  
Donna H Neff  
Elizabeth Noronha  
Steven F Smolen  
Tom Stillman  
Dean G Wangsvick  
Kris Wong  

Two of our Unit Board members/Officials, Martin Kaye and Dean Wangsvick, hard at work, cleaning up by folding tableclothes, at the 2017 March 11 Unit Game.

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