San Francisco

ACBL Unit 506

Unit Game

The monthly San Francisco Unit Game, held at St. Mary's Cathedral, has added a new Non-Life Master section to its Saturday noon game. The inaugural NLM section had 8 tables! We are expecting it to grow up to 13+ tables!

There is also a complimentary Lesson & Lunch before the game!

- Lesson starts promptly @ 10:45 AM

- Lunch will begin to be served @ 11:15 AM

- Entires will also be sold starting @ 11:15 AM


CARDology Bridge Club has recently:

- Changed new management and head directorship.

- Started a new Saturday afternoon (12:15PM) Open game, friendly to players of all levels.

(Saturday games are held on Saturdays that are non-conflicting to the Unit Game and sectionals. Table Fee: $7)

Handz Training

Pictured below is a training session for prospective Handz teachers (from left to right are current and prospective Handz teachers: Deborah Drysdale, David Achterkirchen, Handz creator Richard Bellerose, and Michael Levin)

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