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Tuesday, December 20 08:28 Age: 6 yrs
By: Brian Potter

2012 Special Events Calendar

During 2012, Bridge at the Village w‌ill host the following ACBL sanctioned Special Events. This calendar will change over the year as we add new events and others pass into club history. We usually hold special event games in our normal playing site—the cafe at â€ŒScotia Village, 2200 Elm Avenue, Laurinburg, NC. Please, check the â€Œclub news â€Œor call ahead to verify the playing site for any special event played at a time other than a Monday evening.


Bridge at the Village Special Events
 Event Date 
    Event Description    
Feb 13
 Club Championship
Mar 5
 ACBL-wide Senior Pairs Monday Daytime  
Mar 12
 Inter-Club Championship† 
Jun 11
 Club Championship* 
Aug 20
Spt 10
 Club Championship* 
Oct 1
 Inter-Club Championship† 
Oct 8
 Club Appreciation Championship§ 
Oct 22
 Club Appreciation Team Championship§ 
Dec 3
 Club Championship* 
Dec 10


* Club Championship: Masterpoint awards are larger than
      the awards at a normal club tournament. The larger
      awards sometimes attract more players. When that
      happens, both the award size and the number of places
      earning awards increases.


† ICCG: Many ACBL clubs play the same boards during the
     same session. Aggregated scoring assigns stratified winners
     as though all participants had played in a single event.
     Overall winners can earn very large masterpoint awards.
     Local club winners earn increased masterpoint awards for
     club championships.


‡ STaC: Sectional Tournament at Clubs. These special games
      award sectional rated ACBL silver masterpoints to local
      club winners. An “aggregation” process treats players from
      many clubs playing during the same session as though
      they actually played in a much larger game including
      all the tables at all the clubs playing at the same time
      on the same day.


§ Club Appreciation Championship: Masterpoint awards are
      larger than the awards at a normal club tournament.
      Team championships award Gold masterpoints
      normally awarded only at regional tournaments and
      NABCs. The larger awards sometimes attract more
      players. When that happens, both the award size and
      the number of places earning awards increases.


Special events offer advantages a normal club game cannot deliver. Different special events offer different special benefits. Typical advantages include the following:

  • Larger masterpoint awards for winners
  • Silver, Red, or Gold masterpoint awards normally available only at tournaments
  • Hand analysis booklets
  • Charitable donations
  • Participation in a larger, multiple site game