The club is honored to host the Peter Huppert Library in memory of its longtime and devoted member.  All club members are welcome to borrow materials.    Contact Kim Fanady at to request an item.  



Bergen, Marty Points Schmoints

Grant, Audrey Opening the Bidding; Doubles; Competitive Bidding; 2 Over 1 Game Force

Kantar, Eddie Thinking Bridge

Karpin, Fred The Drawing of Trumps and Its Postponement

Klinger, Ron 100 Winning Bridge Tips; 50 More Winning Bridge Tips

Manley, Brent The Everything Bridge Book

Medley, Anthony The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bridge

Pottage, Julian The Bridge Player's Bible

Romm, Dan Things Your Bridge Teacher Won't Tell You

Root, Bill   Commonsense Bidding; Modern Bridge Conventions; How to Defend a Bridge Hand

Rovere, Ernest Contract Bridge Complete

Seagram, Barbara 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know

Watson, Louis Play of the Hand at Bridge


Becker, Jim The Biggest Little Bridge Book in the World

Play and Defense in Suit Contracts

Play and Defense in NoTrump Contracts

Bergen, Marty A Fresh Look at Seven Excellent Conventions

Keenan, Mary Roman Key Card Blackwood

Computer Program:

Lawrence, Mike Counting at Bridge

(for PC – on compact disk)