San Francisco

ACBL Unit 506

Lesson: 1m-1M: When to raise partner's 2M with 3 card support - Judgements and Principles. DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW.

Welcome to the San Francisco Unit 506 Website. You will find Club, Unit Game and Sectional schedules here, as well as announcements of interest to our players


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Congratulations to all our award winners! (Mini-Mckenney & Ace of Clubs). Picture above, from left to right: Anant Rathi, Robert Ng, Jess Chao, David Sweet, Judy Soong, Dolores Mackinnon, Barbara Boyle, Jeffrey Dielle, Don Friedman. 

(Winners not pictured: Ernest Shjmada, Herbert Graves, Daphne Bransten, Edward Pyle, Samuel Kuang, Robert Balas, David Stgrauss, Edmund Wu, Steve Smolen, Vicki Lerner, and Mark Ralph.)

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